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Storytellers Telling Stories
S1: Ep.17 - Baptism by Fire - James A. Gilletti
January 30, 2018 Jude Brewer

"Baptism by Fire" written and narrated by James A. Gilletti

This is an excerpt from Jame's ten-part series titled "Brackett"

Thank you to the following sound FX creators at unfa, El_Wilk, SpliceSound, SunnySideSound, mmaruska, Kinoton, ScreamStudio, bareform, Supercolio, estefaniabonnin, D W, anagar, InspectorJ, bsumusictech, ckvoiceover, rivernile7, Mickael_Leroi, stomachache, martian, stereoscenic, coltures, juskiddink, Tianve8, Project_Trident, ebcrosby, Erdie

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